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In today’s fast paced and exhilaratingly busy times, we all want to be in the midst of the best social scenes in the city. However, the reality is that we’ve got a lot to accomplish every day, leaving us with very little time to stay on top of the hundreds and thousands of things going on around us.

To help everyone out we decided to create a social buddy of sorts, a centralised app which will allow you find clubs, bars, restaurants, sheesha lounges, late night eateries and much more with just a click Of a button. You can utilize it to devise the best possible night outs using location based and real time suggestions we provide. WhereToday? your easy and most efficient way to becoming completely up-to-date with everything happening in the City and coming to the rescue when anyone asks — ‘What’s the plan?’ or the way we like to call it ‘WhereToday?’

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You can find us on Instagram at #wheretodayapp where we indulge in conversations with you – our users.

How can I learn more?

You can also get in touch with our Directors Krish Patel krish@wheretoday.info or Yogini Lala yogini@wheretoday.info for more information


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