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By pavan

2016 was undoubtedly a year filled with striking theme-bars and Gastronomia that pubs showered on us. Moving forward, 2017 seems to be nothing but flabbergasting! Gear up to be taken aback by a storm of resto-bars that Mumbai’s suddenly studded with. In better news, some famous ones from other cities are branching out into our bay as well. Get ready for WhereToday? to unveil Mumbai’s most trendy and latest bar-launches that will exhilarate your palate’s duty to relish and experiment in the coming week/ends. Oh, don’t forget to focus on the taste-bud porn that is hidden in these gems!

1. Theory - (Lower Parel)

Kamla mills should be declared an independent state. Just for the variety it offers. And the latest addition is its European treasure – Theory. Being a the perfect mix between an upscale bar and a fine-dining restaurant, its stretched island bar seems legit for your fun dates.


Not to miss!

– The Belgian pork belly, that is served with edamame beans, diced pear, parasnip puree and lamb jus, French lobster bisue, honey and sweet marinated pumpkin soup, tuna/prawn carpaccio with ponzu vinaigrette
– The innovations for vegetarians include yam gnocchi, beetroot carpaccio paired with goat cheese, honey balsamic dressing and roasted arugula.
– The Asian Mojito & orange bell-pepper Mocktail seem unique.



– Their Tapas Menu is incredible
– Their signature cocktails make you want to keeping coming back for more
– Their burnt wood decor is inviting and alluring

2. Estella (Juhu)

Sipping on a Champagne Margarita while the sun goes down by the bed of a beach that is at a one-arm distance from you, makes this substitute for Aurus Mumbai’s best sea-facing fine-dine / bar to chill at. Its swanky interiors and soft lighting is perfect for a date night, in-case you don’t manage to bag a table by the sea-side.


Not to miss!

– John Dory in a robust crab, jalapeno and cream sauce
– Scallops are cooked to a caramel-brown crust with a tender centre
– Yuzu Sour & Champagne Margarita



– The chefs could lay an exotic party in your mouth with their Australian & Asian delicacies that are beyond authentic & innovative, specially when consumed while the sunsets.

3. The Clearing House (Fort)

The makers of Indigo have clearly woven a storm of magic by turning an Ice factory into an extravagant fine-dine with a glass ceiling roofing the bar. With some private round-table seating in the inside and checkered flooring in the other section, it invites the sun inside to dwell on its beauty with a glass chimney proudly hoisted on top of the structure. The big windows from the outside make it look super fancy, while the space within this factory makes you want to gauge on some delicious, well-plated food with a large group of family / friends.


Not to miss!

– Paprika Spiced Lamb tacos, 5 spiced duck, salads risottos and even Japanese
– Former pastry chef of Ellipsis curated a menu that will make you salivate for perfectly made Pana cotta, Pot de Creme, tarts, cookies, flans and ice-creams.



– Stunning interiors with a high-ceiling – Imagine a warehouse that’s completely revamped in a movie.
– Large group & car-friendly
– Extensive wine menu , well made cocktails with high quality ingredients.

4. The Drinking Kulture (Andheri West- Lokhandwala)

It was about time Andheri needed a new club in the midst of its chaotic give aways. Drinking Kulture did its best. Located in the heart of Lokhandwala, it boasts of a vast Sheesha menu, quirky & artsy walls, lip-smacking food and bar nights that the pocket doesn’t mind spending on.


Not to miss!

– Signature shots like Vanilla Whisky Sour, Stocky Mary
– Tasty bites lie in the Pizzas, Butter Garlic Prawns, Ying Yang Paneer, Mutton Ghee Roast Tacos



– Don’t we all love all-day bars and eateries – yeah, this one has another section that you can enjoy in the day
– Sheesha day and night – this one ‘s the new Hukkah Hub!
– Not heavyon the pocket with some great deals by the bar

5. Tre - (Raghuvanshi Mill Compound, Lower Parel)

Hey vegetarians, this one’s a thoughtful tribute to all of you; specially those with an inclination towards alcoholism. TRE is the first-of-its-kind vegetarian bar and lounge in the vicinity with a backbone made of dedicated vegetarian delicacies, a dimly-lit staircase that leads to the rooftop area which serves *wait for it* Sheeshaaaa – alongside a separate bar area. One hell of a trio eh?


Not to miss!

– Tre Special Rice, New York Cheese Cake and Nitrogen Spare
– Signature cocktails like Murabba Mule, Paan Angoori, My Cosmo, Jager Liit, Belgium Liit



– Because you are vegetarian and they finally made a rooftop bar for you!
– Contemporary Interiors make an exotic ambiance
– Who doesn’t love pulling Sheesha while sipping on a cocktail on a ROOFTOP
– Their exotic vegetarian salads like Arabesica and Insalata, Appetizers like Lebmax Nachos, Garlic Pulla Pie, Pinwheel Tortilla Wrap, Herb Fondue and Laffas. Nawabi.

6. Bombay Cocktail Bar (Andheri West)

Inspired by the Victorian era, the makers of Blanco have jeweled the suburbs with Bombay Cocktail bar. They have raised the bar for suburban clubs with its chic, theatrical and luxe space that dramatically brings together a venue for nightlife that surpasses the traditional concepts to a completely carefree decadence. Besides its walloping area and panoramic view, it stands by its name to have Bombay’s most innovative cocktail concoctions!


Not to miss!

– Mixologists introduce new Mocktails every month keeping in mind the ‘Moods of Bombay’ – Twisted Penicillin, Saveur, Verano, Coquito, Czarine, Nomayo, Eden and All Night Long
– Mediterranean, soont o launch pan-Asian & mainly Mumbai’s favorites like Puneri misal, Khada Pav Bhaji, Mini Vada Pav, Thanda Bhel, Ghotala Bhurji, Kheema Pav, etc.



– It will leave you amused while you sip by Mumbai’s longest bar – 28 feet long with sound responsive lighting
– 4 VIP booths which resemble the arches of the Victorian era while the DJ Podium resembles the Eye of the Pantheon

7. Versova Social

Unlike every other branch of The Social, this one’s not only extremely green but also free from claustrophobia! There’s something about Mumbai’s bars going Victorian on themselves, but i don’t think you’ll mind it after seeing how unexpectedly gorgeous and spacious Versova Social actually is.


Not to miss!

– I’m sure we’ve all eaten most of what social has to offr more than just once, they have introduced some must-tries besides the usual – Black Label Butter Chicken, Dal makhani, Fish-and-chips burger, gunpowder baby potatoes.
– Some epic love in you mouth with Banoffee Cornuts, Toffeenut puddings & Achmed’s Mezze platters.
– Cocktails that are served by their name, literally! Example: Dawa Daaru – Tequilla shots in a glass with medicines and a coaster



– It’s the most pretty looking, spaced-out and chilled out version of ‘The Social’ – You’d want to spend a lot of time socializing / working here.
– Adorning 3 floors, it has a little shop selling social goodies (Signature Quirky shot glasses, etc), a workstation on the 1st floor and an big outdoor courtyard on the 2nd floor.

8. The Tipsy Townhouse

Need to grab a drink after a productive a day at work? Here’s your go-to bar with the friends / colleagues and more to meet, networking and socializing neighbourhood bar. It’s easily on its way to being South Bombay’s favorite watering hole, with yet another place for those who are suckers for Sheesha alongside some scrumptious food and delicious cocktails to help you unwind.


Not to miss!

– Tipsy drinks like Tipsy Way, Fishbowl, Walking Zombie, Sin, Flaming Townhouse
– Mocktails – Walking Zombie. Walk on the beach
– The menu is named with a trendy and urban slang. Must try the Munchy Platter, Magic shrooms, The diet killer and The rolled J



– It’s pocket friendly as a neighborhood bar should be
– The Sheeshais not expensive which is very rare to find in this city
– It hits the nail as the bar-next-door – very chilled out and worth hanging out at regularly

9. Club Anarchy (Andheri west, Lokhandwala)

Hey suburban peeps, you’ll don’t need to stress yourselves with traveling all the way to the other end of the city to enjoy a fun night at an amazing club. You’ll now have Club Anarchy with internationally renowned DJs, making you dance on their tunes, a plethora of tasty food and an array of lovely drinks to entice your lazy weekends with a legit disco theque much closer to your homes.


Not to miss!

– Sangrias & LIIT
– Prawns Chilli fry, Potato fry, Chicken tandoori



– Great Techno Music
– No being traffucked to go clubbing over the weekends

10. Ruha (Powai)

Hey Powai patrons, look what showed up in your little lake hub – A treasure Chest! Promising a traditional and majestic experience for fine-dine lovers, Ruha opens its doors in the spectacular lakeside suburb of Powai. With its medieval haveli setup, the theme of the restaurant is inspired from the reigns of Maharajas and Maharanis but with a modern twist. Ruha is a food journey where the historical and modern collide, in delightful satisfying ways.


Not to miss!

– Egyptian Salad with Walnut Sauce (unique one), Breaded Egg plan
– Awadhi Food like Bukhara Korma, Subz Dum Biryani & Japanese Yaki Soba Noodels, Uramaki Roll, four season dim sums
– Don’t bother to miss out on the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake!



– Awadhi, Pan Asian as well as International cuisines are the mains which decorate the menu of this elegant as well as regal restaurant with a modern touch.
– Everybody loves the prince / princess feeling with velvety couches – Go Powai!

11. Matahaari (Worli)

Atria Mall has been helping us weave some beautiful and crazy memories with its club-count over the past decade or more. The latest jewel to its coat is Club Matahaari that is named after and inspired by Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari who was convicted of being a German spy during World War I. The owners will also launching an American diner called Burn in Mumbai this year.


Not to miss!

– Signature cocktails – Mystery Whiskey, Secret Touch and The Scent
– House specials – eel nigiri; grilled shiitake maki roll; eggplant bao, spicy salmon ceviche; miso silken tofu packet, prawn sugarcane; rajma galouti



– A plush club in almost the heart of the city. (Not so far!)
– Think Multi-cuisine with Sushi, salad bowls, baos, Asian and Indian appetizers, hot bowls, steamed packets, lots more

12. Drop (Bandra)

As 2016 came to an end, Bandra’s Royalty was DROPped into a Christened avatar with a massive makeover and it definitely looked hot! This gorgeous European-themed resto-bar assures world-cuisine giving authoritative foodies a chance to experiment the best on their palate. This European delight has opened doors to food and alcohol lovers, promising them an amazing time with some sweet music on weekdays and untouched banging weekends.


Not to miss!

– French Cockatils
– 4 cheese and Mac balls with fresh micro greens and BBQ sauce – Divine and heart warming!
– Pizzas, Braised Lamb Shanks, Seafood Ravioli



– Bandra needed a sexy looking underground gastro-pub with an elevated ad unmissable renovation – here it is!
– The esteemed chefs from Bar Stock Exchange function through an all-electric kitchen with unique techniques such as slow cooking, brazing, wood smoking in hickory and applewood, gel and foaming
– French cocktails to raise your evening toasts to an all new high.
– Locally sourced, hand-made, authentic European sauces
– Very affordable alcoholic drinks

13. Tamasha (Lower Parel)

Delhi’s favorite and much hyped resto-bar ‘Tamasha’ has widely opened its arms to let Mumbai’s elitist in and around. This bar is a mere stunner with a fusion food menu that makes it even more promising. The youthful robustness of this venue keeps you coming back for more and more and more! (Trust me, you want to try all their innovations)


Not to miss!

– Signature cocktails – Smoked sangria; Negroni; Whisky sour; Moscow mule; and Manhattan.
– Spiced guava chicken salad; chicken gyoza; paneer kadainachos, achari mushroom wonton; bhatti murgh souvlaki; tawa bheja with bunmaska; Indian macaroni balls spiced with mango jalapeno mayo,Madras curry chicken risotto; and Mumbai mawa cake cream toast.



– Indian food done in ways contemporary and experimental
– Delhi’s most visited – Why not Mumbai’s next?
– Food porn level 100!
– Humongous space with no room for elbowing humans alongside fantastic decor

14. Verbena(Lower Parel)

The rate at which Lower Parel is bursting with resto-bars, it could easily be called the party centre of the city, don’t you think? Kamala Mills enjoys yet another gem in embellished on it; an organic venture by the makers of ‘Smash’ called Verbena. A 10,000 square feet space that will serve Oriental and Mediterranean food and entertain the bay with music gigs and cultural events with its eye-catching green beauty. This one’s special because it is a Brew-Pub & Sky-Garden is a micro-brewery set with an amusing healthy food menu you fitness freaks + party animals can gorge on.

Not to miss!

– Various types of organic salads, Quinoa bowls and healthy meals available here. Also griddles specials besides Oriental & Mediterranean dishes.
– Don’t miss their botanical cocktails
– Try this – their in-house brews + healthy meals while looking at the beautiful city skyline at this rooftop bar. Isn’t the future of our city looking bright? 😀



– It’s a micro-brewery (Produces its own beer using imported malts)
– It’s a sky deck (Super green) that lets you gaze into the star-lit skies while enjoying a fancy date
– It literally has created its own farm and showcases local produce!
– Seems to be the trendiest venue in the city

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